Online Services

You will find a list of quick links to our Online Service sites by clicking a menu item in the Quicklist on the left side of this page. 

You are able to,

  1. Re-register your vehicle or trailer.
  2. Register Your Boat
  3. Get a Burn Permit. Or
  4.  License you Dog.

We will update this page as more online services become available.  

Rapid Renewal

Rapid Renewal

Rapid Renewal can be used to Re-Register your vehicles on the State website. Just click on the lnk on the left. If you have not been in to the Town Office to register within the last year, you may receive an email that says the Town will need to update your information before you may proceed. You will receive an email once we complete the update.

If you have a NEW vehicle or are New to Town, you will need to come to the Town Office to complete your registration. Please let us  know if you have any questions.